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Benedictine Habit

Benedictine Habit

At Clergy Wear Shop the most famous, attractive, and modern Benedictine Habit is available. The detail is as under: –  A removable hooded cowl. The rope belt is designed for an authentication complete look. The hood has a long tail.  The finest fabric used for manufacturing of Benedictine Habit.  The perfect Benedictine Habit.  Machine washable. Dry clean. Cool comfort.   […]

Clergy Tippet

clergy tippet

At Clergy Wear Shop the more fashionable, modern & attractive Clergy Tippet are available, the detail is as under:- The clergy tippet finished with strong contrast. Longer in back length and sleeve length than the standard surplice. The clergy tippet for such a stunning look. The finest quality of the fabric used.  Machine washable & dry clean.  The perfect clergy tippet.  Quick Shipment.  Cool […]

Roman Collar

roman collar

At Clergy Wear Shop the most fashionable, modern & attractive Roman Collar available, the detail is as under: – Made with soft polyethylene. Durable, the best collar value possible. The perfect roman collar. Finest quality of the fabric used.  Machine washable & dry clean.  Quick ship by Clergy Wear Shop.          As we nurture and grow as a […]