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Clergy Chimere 

Clergy Wear Shop, knows that what kind of chimere clergy people likes. Some vestments carry modern and classy look as per chimere. It represent the faith and positivity of the bishop’s that comes from chimcere. Every piece derives with a button front closure and a hand-fluted back cord. We are making out of a very lightweight yet top-grade tropical fabric which is the finest fabric for it. To get the finest clothing, no need to go anywhere, instead of clergy wear shop. This is a right place for shopping premium chimere, cassock, rochet etc. for clergy members. The awareness is to keep them highly relaxed for easy wearing over Rochets or cassock. The chimere is produced to ensure the vestment dreamily runs down the body. There is a wide range of chimere available in different verities.
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$ 134.99$ 144.99
$ 134.99$ 144.99

A garment worn by Anglican bishops in choir dress, and, formally as part of academic dress. A descendant of a riding cloak, the chimere resembles an academic gown but without sleeves, and is usually made of scarlet or black cloth.