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cassock definition

Cassock Definition – Clergy Wear Shop ™

Cassock definition: a Cassock is a long, ankle-length robe with close-fitting sleeves, often worn by clergy members, particularly in Christian traditions. It is a distinctive and traditional piece of religious attire that has been used for centuries. The cassock is typically black, though it can also be found in other colors depending on the religious denomination and the specific occasion.

Key features of a cassock include | 

Length: The cassock is designed to be ankle-length, providing full coverage of the wearer’s body.

Closure: It usually has a row of buttons down the front, allowing it to be fastened securely.

Color: While black is the most common color, cassocks may vary in color depending on the religious context. Some may have colored piping or trim to signify specific roles or occasions.

Collar: Many cassocks have a standing collar that adds to the formal and dignified appearance of the garment.

Sleeves: The sleeves of a cassock are typically close-fitting, contributing to the overall tailored look.

The cassock is worn as a symbol of religious office and is often part of a larger ensemble that may include additional garments like a surplice, a stole, and other liturgical vestments. Different denominations within Christianity may have variations in the style and color of cassocks, contributing to the rich diversity of religious attire across cultures and traditions.

Who Wear Clergy Cassock?

Clergy cassocks are primarily worn by ordained clergy members in various Christian denominations. The specific rules and traditions regarding the use of cassocks can vary among denominations, but in general, you can find clergy members from the following groups wearing cassocks:

Catholic Church

Catholic clergy, including priests, monsignors, and bishops, often wear cassocks. The color and style of the cassock may vary based on the rank and role of the clergy member.

Orthodox Christianity

In Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox traditions, priests, deacons, and bishops commonly wear cassocks. The style and color may differ among different Orthodox Churches.

Anglican Church

Senior Clergy Priest pointing out his Cassock

Clergy members in the Anglican Communion, including priests and bishops, may wear cassocks. The style and color can vary, and some Anglican clergy also wear surplices or other additional vestments over the cassock.

Lutheran Church

In some Lutheran traditions, especially those with a more traditional liturgical practice, clergy members may wear cassocks. However, the use of cassocks can vary among Lutheran denominations and congregations.

Other Protestant Denominations

While cassocks are less common in many Protestant denominations, some high-church or liturgical traditions within Protestantism may incorporate the use of cassocks for clergy members.

Non-Christian Religions

In addition to Christian traditions, cassocks or similar long robes are worn by clergy in some non-Christian religions. For example, cassock-like garments are worn by clergy in certain branches of Judaism.

It’s important to note that the use of cassocks can vary not only between denominations but also among individual congregations and regions. In recent times, there has been some flexibility in clergy attire, with some clergy opting for more contemporary or culturally influenced garments while still maintaining a sense of reverence and formality in their dress.

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Pastor Robes


What do you mean by cassock?

A cassock is a long, ankle-length robe worn by clergy, especially in Christian traditions. It is often black and serves as an outer garment.

What is the function of cassock?

The cassock serves both practical and symbolic functions. Practically, it functions as a distinctive garment for clergy. Symbolically, it represents the wearer’s religious devotion and commitment to their faith.

What religion wears cassocks?

Various Christian denominations, including the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox Churches, as well as some Protestant traditions, have clergy who wear cassocks.

What is a cassock and surplice?

A cassock and surplice are both liturgical garments worn by clergy. The cassock is a long robe, while the surplice is a loose-fitting, white over-garment with wide sleeves.

What are cassocks made of?

Cassocks are typically made of lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton, wool, or polyester, depending on the climate and personal preference of the wearer.

What are the different types of cassocks?

Different types of cassocks include choir cassocks (worn by non-ordained clergy), clergy cassocks (worn by ordained clergy), and monastic cassocks (worn by members of religious orders).

What is also known as priest’s cassocks?

The term “priest’s cassock” is a common way to refer to the cassock worn by ordained clergy, emphasizing their role as priests.

What are the 5 vestments?

The five main liturgical vestments are alb, stole, chasuble, cincture, and maniple. cassock definition

Who wears red cassocks?

In some traditions, bishops and cardinals may wear red cassocks as a sign of their rank and authority within the church hierarchy.

What is the difference between cassock and alb?

The main difference between a cassock and an alb is that a cassock is an ankle-length outer robe, while an alb is a white, tunic-like vestment that is worn underneath other liturgical garments.

Is cassock a vestment?

Yes, the cassock is considered a liturgical vestment worn by clergy. cassock definition

How many buttons does a cassock have? 

The number of buttons on a cassock can vary, but it is common for cassocks to have 33 buttons, symbolizing the number of years in Christ’s earthly life. cassock definition

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