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33 Button Cassock | Robe 33 Buttons

Black Mens Cassock with White Trim

33 Button Cassock: A Traditional Garment with Timeless Elegance The 33-button cassock holds a significant place in the world of ecclesiastical attire. This traditional garment, also known as a “biretta,” has been worn by clergymen for centuries. Its rich history, meticulous craftsmanship, and symbolic value make it a captivating piece of religious vestment. In this […]

Who wear 33-Button Cassock?

catholic cassock

Who wear 33-Button Cassock? If you have ever attended a traditional Christian religious ceremony, you might have noticed a priest or clergy member wearing a long, flowing garment with buttons down the front. This garment is called a cassock, and it has been a part of religious attire for centuries. However, not all cassocks are […]