A Priests Ordination What Clergy Wear on Special Day.

A Priests Ordination What Clergy Wear on Special Day.

A Priests Ordination? What Clergy Wear on Special Day.

The ordination of a priest is a sacred and momentous occasion in the life of a clergyman. This article delves into the profound significance of a priest’s ordination ceremony and explores the traditional attire that priests wear on this special day.

What is Priests Ordination?

Priestly ordination is a religious sacrament that marks the transition of an individual into the clergy, granting them the authority to perform sacred rites and administer sacraments. This ceremony is steeped in tradition and carries immense spiritual importance within the Christian faith.

The Ordination Ceremony

The ordination rite typically takes place during a solemn church service. It involves the laying on of hands by a bishop or higher-ranking clergy member, accompanied by prayers and blessings. This symbolic gesture signifies the transfer of divine authority to the newly ordained priest.

Spiritual Commitment

A priest’s ordination is not merely a formality but a profound commitment to a life of service and devotion to God and the church. It signifies the priest’s dedication to guiding and nurturing the spiritual well-being of their congregation.

What happens on a priests ordination.

A Priests Ordination What Clergy Wear on Special Day.
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The Calling and Preparation

Before the actual ordination takes place, a man must first feel the calling to the priesthood. This divine calling often manifests as a deep sense of purpose and commitment to serve God and His people. Once this calling is discerned, the individual begins a period of intense preparation, which includes spiritual, theological, and practical training.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is at the heart of a priest’s preparation. This stage involves deepening one’s faith, prayer life, and understanding of the scriptures. It often includes regular meetings with a spiritual director who guides the individual’s spiritual growth.

Theological Studies

A future priest also undergoes rigorous theological studies to grasp the teachings and doctrines of the faith. This includes studying topics like theology, philosophy, and ethics under the guidance of experienced theologians.

The Day of Ordination

The actual day of ordination is a momentous occasion filled with symbolism and tradition. It typically takes place during a church service, surrounded by fellow clergy and the congregation.

Vestments and Symbols

The ordinand dons the sacred vestments, which include the alb, stole, and chasuble. Each of these garments carries its own symbolism, representing purity, authority, and the yoke of Christ’s service.

Appropriate Attire for a Priest’s Ordination Ceremony


On the day of their ordination, priests wear specific vestments that hold deep symbolic meaning. These garments distinguish them from the laity and signify their role as spiritual leaders. The key vestments include: – A Priests Ordination What Clergy Wear on Special Day.

  1. Alb

The alb is a long, white robe that symbolizes purity and the baptismal garment. It is worn as an undergarment and is a reminder of the priest’s call to holiness and righteousness.

  1. Stole

The stole is a long, narrow scarf-like garment worn around the neck. It represents the yoke of Christ and the priest’s authority to administer the sacraments. The stole’s color may vary according to the liturgical season.

  1. Chasuble

The chasuble is an outer garment worn over the alb. It comes in various colors, each symbolizing different aspects of the church calendar. The chasuble represents the priest’s role as a shepherd and servant of the flock.

  1. Cassock.

A cassock is a long, single colored robe that’s usually black. It’s worn by priests and other clergymen so don’t go looking to buy a cassock to complete your fall wardrobe. Many pieces of clothing have a certain association, like neckties with business or puffy hats with chefs.

  1. Surplice

The surplice is a white, lightweight, and loose-fitting garment with wide sleeves. It is often worn over the cassock or alb during certain liturgical functions.

Other Symbols

In addition to the vestments, there are other important symbols associated with a priest’s ordination:

  1. Laying on of Hands

As mentioned earlier, the laying on of hands during the ordination rite signifies the transmission of spiritual authority. It is a profound moment when the priest receives the grace and power to fulfill their ministry.

  1. Anointing with Holy Oil

The anointing with holy oil is a sacred act that sets the priest apart for their divine service. It symbolizes the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the priest’s consecration to God’s work.


A priest’s ordination is a deeply spiritual event that signifies their commitment to a life of service and devotion. The attire and symbols associated with this special day hold significant meaning within the Christian tradition. It is a momentous occasion that reminds us of the sacred responsibility that priests bear in guiding their congregations on their spiritual journeys. A Priests Ordination What Clergy Wear on Special Day.


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