Cassock Black


At Clergy Wear Shop the most fashionable, modern & attractive  cassock black are available, detail of the same product is as under:-

  • The Black priest cassock designed with the finest fabric polyester and wool blend each lightweight wool gabardine.
  • Hand-tailored cassock by experts with the choice of the finest material.
  • Trimmed piping with black cord.
  • Finished with matching black satin-covered button.
  • Satin lining on inside breast pockets.
  • Two combination pocket, side opening.
  • Triplicate pleats are made on the back of the cassock for such a stunning look.
  • The same is in Black Colour.

Why do pastors wear vestments?

For the Eucharist, each vestment symbolizes a spiritual dimension of the priesthood, with roots in the very origins of the Church. In some measure these vestments harken to the Roman roots of the Western Church. Some are used by all Western Christians in liturgical traditions.

What does the cassock symbolize?

Some churches may outfit their choirs with cassocks. A cassock, which is also known as a soutane, is an item of clothing that is traditionally worn by members of the clergy. It is a long robe that reaches to the ankles. The 33 buttons found on some Roman Catholic cassocks symbolize the years of Jesus’ life.

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